WWE works to motivate aspiring writers through outdoor expeditions like hiking, biking, boating and foraging for our own food in the wilderness – just kidding, we’ll bring snacks.  We want to establish a creative outlet to keep writers inspired and reminded how fun writing can be outside of schoolwork.

We, as academic writers, began to realize that we were not enjoying writing anymore and our creativity was being squashed. We dreaded the papers, frowned at word counts and scoffed at proper referencing. So one day, deep in the highlands of Scotland, disconnected from technology and inspired by a long mountain hike two journalism majors concocted a crazy idea for a student organization – one where writing could be fun and creative again. One that we could combine our love for adventure with our love of writing. Wisconsin Writers’ Expeditions was born.

Our plan is to organize biweekly outdoor adventures in the often unexplored outdoor resources offered not far from campus. Adventures will include a refreshing and inspiring pursuit of stress free writing.

We believe snacks are an integral part of writing. An empty belly means an empty head. Therefore, we vow to include delicious snacks in our adventures whenever possible.

We include all types of writing from journalism to creative writing to cave drawings. We hope to occasionally bring in experts in different fields of writing to talk about their experiences and give advice. Furthermore, we’ve created this WordPress page so that members can receive constructive feedback about their writing from other WWE members to help build a writing portfolio which will be extra beneficial around J-school application season.


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